A safe room to escape severe weather

Today's Houston, Texas-area weather provides a good reminder to plan now for your personal safety and the safety of your family. Tornadoes have been reported in the somewhat close Houston area. And we here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma have seen more than our share of tornadoes—they can be very scary and even life-threatening.

Today's cloudy weather here around North Texas and Southern Oklahoma is also a reminder that, while we have escaped the Houston-area tornadoes related to Hurricane Imelda, there is still time to prepare for tornado safety. How? Get into your tornado safe room. But wait—You first need to have your tornado safe room to be able to get into it!

Have you explored your tornado safe room options? And have your chosen a tornado safety company to provide your tornado safe room, a company that has trusted longevity? You've come to the right place here to discover the safe room options you could have with American Tornado Master, in business for more than 40 years. 

You do have tornado safe room options

Want a safe room inside your garage? How about a safe room on your property, conveniently located and beautify disguised with a berm and plants? Check out your tornado safe room options when you contact American Tornado Master for an onsite visit. And then get your severe weather shelter, your safe room, constructed and in place, ready for you when it may be needed. And here in North Texas and in Southern Oklahoma, tornado safety is indeed a hot topic, so find your solution!