Hurricane Dorian, storms now, future tornadoes

With Hurricane Dorian threatening Florida now, let today's stormy weather also remind us of the importance of staying safe—you, your family, and even your pets.

Pets are in the news

From National Pet Day (April 11) to Clear the Shelters (August 17), pets are often on the news. Do you own a pet? If so, or if you're thinking of owning a pet, be sure to consider your precious pet when severe weather is about to strike. 

Hurricane Dorian

In the news now and over this weekend you'll find information about Hurricane Dorian and its impact for those in Florida. But it also serves as a reminder that when natural disasters strike North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, we here also need to be prepared. Are you? ...Are you truly prepared? For us, while hurricanes are not typical topics, tornadoes certainly are. So then, are you prepared with your severe weather safe room? If not, find a great idea below.

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