The heat is on. Know where?

Yes, it has been extremely hot in North Texas (100s) and Southern Oklahoma (99 degree range). But do you know what else gets hot? ...The angst of where to safely go during severe weather, namely during a tornado. Farther north, tornadoes have been in the news. While no local tornadoes were recently reported, they often do strike in North Texas and in Southern Oklahoma. Then what?

When the tornado's on, beating down the street, you can feel it coming, get deep inside, inside your safe room so you're not caught up in the swirling action. American Tornado Master is looking out for you because when the tornado's on the street, the heat will be on you to know where to seek safe shelter.

Get into your safe room

To get into your safe room when severe weather looms large above, you first need to have one. Look into your options: above ground storm shelter, or below ground storm shelter, concrete or steel? Not sure what will fit best for your property and budget? That one's simple—Contact American Tornado Master to schedule an onsite visit to discuss your safe room options and choose the best fit for you. Because your personal safety and the safety of your family really is everything.