Plan for safety in advance!

Did you catch the fireworks during the Addison, Texas Kaboom Town or during a local fireworks show this year? Regardless of where you may have enjoyed 4th of July fireworks, you likely made some type of advance plans to attend and enjoy the festivities. When enjoying fireworks at a more nearby location, you could likely hear the sparks fly. Fun, right?

Yes, but what is not so fun is hearing power lines erupt and your belongings flying around during a tornado. You may have planned to watch the recent fireworks, but what about your planning for tornado safety? Texas often leads in the tornado count, and 2019 is no exception.

There's nothing quite like the sound of a tornado overhead. And there's also nothing quite like knowing that you have a safe room to get into when severe weather is about to strike. Weather forecasters typically have enough lead time to warn. Even so, where will you go? 

To follow a personal safety plan, get yours in place

When you have contacted American Tornado Master in advance of severe weather to construct a severe weather safe room on your property, you'll know exactly where to go for tornado safety.

So let's leave the "kabooms" to the fun fireworks and rest well in knowing that you and your family have a well-built safe room to protect from tornadoes, from severe weather.