Texas leads 2019 tornado count. Discover your safe room:

See Texas tornado map locations here. Do you live nearby or even somewhat close? Drill slightly into the link and discover that Texas ranked first in 143 tornadoes in 2019 as of May 30. That's enough to make your head spin (and too often a house). BUT, there are safety solutions at American Tornado Master to seek shelter in your safe room—And with options to fit your property and even desired look.

Lone Star Weather Center keeps watch on the weather

Find the Lone Star Weather Center information here:

Even newspapers predict severe tornadoes in Oklahoma, Texas

Tornadoes have even outrun forecaster data

Let's be weather-aware but also patient. According to the May 30 Wall Street Journal, "Scientists have gained new knowledge about how tornadoes form, but there are still some areas they don't fully understand, making forecasting more difficult." Here's why, according to the WSJ article:

  1. Beware of severe thunderstorms, when warm air supercells push upward fast and punch through cold air, creating a rotating updraft;
  2. Many scientists think that tornadoes result from strong air rotations close to the ground that move horizontally like a revolving rolling pin;
  3. When the horizontal air rotation meets the storm's rotating updraft and gets sucked quickly upward, it can form a tornado column;
  4. Radar has shown that tornado-force winds actually occur first on the ground (unlike earlier theories assuming that tornadoes begin high and move downward.

Canton, Texas tornado

Anyone see the recent tornado footage in Canton, Texas showing tornado formation and damage occurring just as shown above? It may seem counter-intuitive, but the Canton tornado makes sense as such. Still, many think that tornado rotations can occur in various ways. Purdue University's Assistant Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Dan Dawson studies many variables affecting tornadoes, such as the effects of terrain involving trees, climate, and related weather conditions.

Even more important then to have your safe room ready in the unfortunate event that tornado disaster could strike nearby. To get into your safe room, you first need to have a safe room! For more information, contact American Tornado Master.