Storm warnings!

If you've watched the TV news recently, you've likely no doubt heard about and seen footage of recent tornadoes, including damaging tornadoes near Abilene, Texas and in Ballinger, Texas. An EF-2 tornado can wreak much havoc. Whether from a true tornado or straight-line winds, damage can unfortunately be severe.

Weather alerts warn

Today's May 20, 2019 weather alerts warn of possible danger around Southern Oklahoma and North Texas. What is your safety plan? Discover a great way to stay safewith a severe weather safe room from American Tornado Master, serving for more than 40 years and with shelters tested at the Texas Tech National Wind Institute. 

These twins are not welcome

Recent twin tornadoes are not what anyone wants to see!

Find your tornado safe room here

What to do, where to go when tornado-related weather looms? Get into your severe weather safe room, of course! Find your safe room when you contact American Tornado Master. And soon, to protect your life and the lives of loved ones.