See aerial view of recent tornado damage

The aerial view of tornado damage in Franklin, Texas shows just how destructive EF-2 and EF-3 tornadoes can be. Horrid, yet what is far worse is the loss of human life that can accompany a tornado (and, very sadly, did here). Two takeaways from the weekend's tornado damage:

  1. The Texas Baptist Men (TBM) organization pulled together to assist in tornado recovery efforts to assist those in need;
  2. There are ways to help protect human life—especially when getting inside your severe weather shelter safe room. You have tornado shelter safe room options to best fit your own property.

With spring storms brewing, get your safe room (and into it)

Spring weather is about to turn nasty tomorrow. It's also a good reminder to determine the best location for your safe room to seek shelter during a tornado. Loss of structure is bad enough. Whether from a fire in many-years-old Notre Dame or from a weather-related tornado hitting your personal abode, devastation is devastation. But loss of life is about incomprehensible, and it can accompany tornadic activity. Don't let it happen to you or to your loved ones.  

For more information on staying safe during a tornado, contact American Tornado Master to determine the best approach to stay safe on your own property.