No fooling—Tornado damage can be serious

Monday's start of April was also known as "April Fool's Day." But there is nothing funny about the severe damage that a tornado can wreak. And now that we're headed into spring (when tornadoes are common, although they can occur during every month of the year), it's the weekend to get serious about your safety. And with this weekend's forecast calling for some severe weather, it's a great time to plan where to seek safe shelter.

This weekend, we here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma will likely be on high alert for severe weather. Saturday can also serve as a good reminder to determine the location of your safe room. Don't really have one? With upcoming spring weather that can often turn severe, turn to the professionals at American Tornado Master for guidance on how you can best protect human life.

From above ground to below ground severe weather shelters, to concrete or steel severe weather shelters, you have choices for your safe room. Shelters have been tested at the Texas Tech National Wind Institute for safety It came about after a major 1970 Texas tornado to learn more about finding safe places amidst severe winds, as in during a tornado. Contact American Tornado Master now to arrange an appointment to discover the most feasible safety option for you.