Where would you go with only a 5-minute tornado warning?

Unfortunately, just five (5) minutes is the only warning that many people in Lee County, Alabama had to try to seek safe shelter from impending EF-4 severe tornadoes (170 m.p.h. winds). (You can about draw a straight line from DFW to Lee County, Alabama). And very sadly, 23 people lost their lives in the AL tornado outbreak. Twenty-three (23)—when even one is one too many tornadoes. (And that does not even account for additional injuries).

Texas, Oklahoma are smack in the red danger zone for 2019 tornado predictions

Often, predictions can ring true. That's not a lucky sound when 1,075 tornadoes are predicted for 2019, which is up by 9 percent from last year's 987 tornadoes. The 525 tornadoes expected from March through May are almost exactly the normal average of 526 from that same time period. (Just because last year's 345 tornadoes came in lower doesn't mean that the lower trend will continue into this year, sadly). AccuWeather projects a higher frequency of severe weather risks in the traditional Tornado Alley

The states likely to be impacted the most include Oklahoma, northern parts of Texas, plus Kansas, and Nebraska. And, despite the numbers, something to also keep in mind is that just one tornado could be the one that damages your property or risks human life.

Bring more meaning to St. Patty's Day—Replace luck with a safe room to seek shelter

Do you know what "luck" means? According to Dictionary.com, you can choose a meaning:

  • The force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities (With my luck I'll probably get hit by a storm);
  • Good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance. (He had no luck finding work);
  • A combination of circumstances, events, etc., operating by chance to bring good or ill to a person. (She's had nothing but bad luck all year);
  • Some object on which good fortune is supposed to depend. (This rabbit's foot is my luck).

Hmm...Do you want to leave your personal good health only up to chance, to luck, amidst severe weather? Your good safety left up to a whimsical item that has not been tested for safety? Well, look no more. "The luck of the Irish" can be on your side when you turn what some may call the idea of weather luck into a tested, proven solution for your personal safety. 

The folks at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University have tested the American Tornado Master severe weather shelters to be a really safe room, safe shelter to seek, amidst an impending tornado outbreak. Actually, all of American Tornado Master products have been tested at Texas Tech Wind Services Engineering Center and engineered to meet or exceed the FEMA 320/361 and the ICC 500 Building codes.

Don't turn green with fright

The way to keep your calm during severe weather is to prepare. So get prepared with your severe weather shelter, your safe room. Why leave your personal safety up to mere luck when you can realize a proven solution to keep you safe amidst bad weather—Contact American Tornado Master to discover your severe weather safety room solution to fit your space and budget.