American Fears, studied again by Chapman University

Chapman University, again in 2018, studied America's Top Fears. According to the study, 34.7% of those surveyed were either afraid or very afraid of a "devastating tornado," number 39 on that list. So, what to do when a severe storm threatens your life, the life of loved ones?

How to calm this real tornado threat

To calm fears of a devastating tornado, seek SAFE shelter! Where, do you ask? Get into your severe weather shelter, provided by American Tornado Master and tested by the Texas Tech National Wind Institute for its safety.

Give your Valentine a gift from the heart

Today is Valentine's Day! How about a more atypical gift of safety this holiday? You can present it as a special greeting card and then schedule your tornado shelter in time for this year's often thought of spring tornado season (although tornadoes can and do occur every month of the year). Contact American Tornado Master today for details and/or to schedule.