Discover 10 tornado facts that could surprise you

Do you know that the United States experiences the highest number of tornado occurrences on EARTH?  Wow. If that isn't enough to make us think twice about tornado safety and planning to stay safe, check this out—here, find ten tornado facts you may not be aware of (from AccuWeather). Take a look, discover if you know the answers, and then let us help you to determine a solid plan for seeking safe tornado shelter. Some of the ten topics include:

  • Widest tornado
  • Worst tornado outbreak
  • Most common time frames for tornadoes
  • Pick one: winter/spring/summer/fall for the typical tornado season

Hmm...typical? Well, don't be deceived. Try as people may to predict tornadic weather, there often is just enough notice to seek shelter. (So you'll need that spot all set in which to seek that safe shelter). "Predicted." That word does not mean "for certain." If you want more certainty, work with American Tornado Master to find your certain safe place to seek shelter when severe weather looms. Contact American Tornado Master this week and get your safety plans scheduled on your 2019 calendar.