Need a break from the holiday hustle and bustle?

Try sitting down in the calm of your own home and relaxing while answering some interesting tornado-related stats (answers at the end):

  1. What two things create a horizontal spinning effect during a tornado?
  2. When typically do tornadoes occur time wise?
  3. In what seasons do tornadoes typically occur?
  4. Color of funnel clouds?
  5. How wide are tornado funnels?
  6. How fast do tornadoes travel?
  7. What is the typical mileage that a tornado travels?
  8. How are tornadoes classified regarding their strength?
  9. Where can I get more information about tornado facts?

Let's check your answers below:

  1. Changes in wind speed and direction
  2. Although tornadoes can occur at any time, day or night, they often occur in the late afternoon.
  3. Spring and summer, but tornadoes can, and have occurred during other seasons.
  4. Funnel clouds are actually transparent but become visible mixed with water droplets, dust, and debris.
  5. Funnels typically grow to about 660 feet wide.
  6. Typical speeds are 10-20 mph.
  7. 6 miles.
  8. Weak, strong, or violent storms.
  9. Read this article for more tornado information.

How to discover more information about tornadoes:

For more information about tornadoes and where best to seek safe tornado shelter, contact American Tornado Master. (Hint: safety makes a great holiday gift!)