Are You Prepared for a Tornado in Winter?

Today's more balmy weather in North Texas serves as a reminder of a weather break and to consider planning for your personal safety—in being weather-aware and in knowing where to seek safe shelter should you experience adverse weather such as a tornado. By next week, temperatures are set to drop into more typical temps for December. 

No place like home for the holidays?

Will you have home safety this December (and beyond?)

This creates more havoc than Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While the shopping frenzies of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, we never really know when a tornado will strike—even in December, as it did in 2015. (Winter tornadoes often create a far greater frenzy than a big shopping day can). And mightily so, as local tornadoes did strike, unfortunately. So, protect your holiday joy by having a plan in place, a safe spot to seek shelter inside your safe room from American Tornado Master. Tis the Season for Safety! Make your safety a reality by contacting American Tornado Master today to schedule a review of very real possibilities to stay safe in your own personal situation.