What's on your holidays lists?

Have a list for Thanksgiving? ...For the holidays? Check, check, check—Also remember a very key list: now is the time to prepare with your tornado safe room. You likely make a list of what needs to be accomplished for a tasty Thanksgiving meal, for a holiday season enjoyable for all...but what about your personal safety and the safety of your family?

According to ready.gov, Tornadoes can destroy buildings, flip cars, and create deadly flying debris and can:

  • Happen anytime and anywhere;
  • Bring intense winds of more than 200 mph; and
  • Look like funnels (and not the cornucopia variety).

TEDx Talk and Texas Tech National Wind Institute talk

Watch/listen to this critical TEDx talk on tornado safety. Hear lessons learned from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado disasters (yes, more than one). Because, "Safety comes about from the actions that we make," what are you doing?

You have an ideal option to fit your property and lifestyle:

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