Can you solve this tornado quiz?

Recently, NBC Channel 5 asked viewers whether the answer to how many tornadoes annually occur in North Texas...13, 25, 33, or 76? Take an educated guess. And then find the tornado answer here

The kicker seems to be "when," as in the average number of tornadoes in what year? The big issue is likely in that no one can truly predict when a tornado will occur, and when. Let's just pick a smaller number, such as 8. Well, that's 8 too many, and any one could wreak havoc. And because tornadoes can and do happen during every month of the year, what you CAN count on is in knowing that you have a safe room to seek shelter when adverse weather does loom nearby.

Halloween Trick or Treat

It may well feel like a very nasty trick when you experience confusion as to where to go during a tornado. But hold on—The treat here is in knowing where to keep your family and yourself safe when weather turns wicked. Find your safe room with American Tornado Master today!

Daylight Saving Time Change this weekend

Yes, it's about that time to change your clocks again. But unlike in the spring, we will gain an hour on Nov. 4, 2018 (but likely a good idea to change your clocks the prior evening. As the saying goes, "Spring ahead, Fall behind"). Ah, some sleep relief. And discover more relief when you contact American Tornado Master to schedule for your safe room.