Lions, tigers, and derechos, oh, my

Few can forget the nasty weather scenes from The Wizard of Oz. Still rather chilling, even so very many years later. But we may not necessarily distinguish among important severe weather terms, such as straight-line winds, tornadoes, derechos, and wind speeds that could  wreak damage. A safety key is what to do, how to stay safe, when severe weather looms near.

Being weather-aware, knowing weather terms

Have you ever heard of a derecho? In North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, the term may be familiar. Or not. Learn about derechos here. North Texas and Southern Oklahoma may see one derecho every year (but even more actual tornadoes). According to, 70% of all derechos occur between the warm-weather months of May-August. However, the remaining 30% also occur during the cooler seasons. With yesterday and today's weather, that puts us in-between the warmer and cooler seasons. 

Find your severe weather safe room here

Today's winds and rainy weather provide a great reminder that we all should identify and have our safe room to seek safe shelter when severe weather looms. The current storms will pass and lead us into more fall-like weather with perfect opportunities to construct your severe weather shelter—during mild weather, but before the busy holiday season. Contact American Tornado Master this week to learn your options for a safe room, ready when severe weather hits. (Because it often does).