Know the #1 weather threat

If you stated "tornadoes," you are correct.

Which US State has the most number of tornadoes yearly?

If you stated "Texas," you are correct. Yes, Texas covers a lot of land. But tornadoes are often found in Texas

Which city has had the most tornadoes?

If you stated "Oklahoma City," you are correct. Good thing that American Tornado Master typically serves North Texas and Southern Oklahoma—We've got you covered with safety!

What month typically has the most tornadoes?

If you stated "May," you are correct. It's followed by June. But wait—not so fast. Do you also know that tornadoes can occur (and have) during every month of the year? Discover more about tornadoes by month, and day v. night, here.

Get into your tornado safe room—Here's how:

Since 1977, reputable American Tornado Master has been provide severe weather shelters, safe rooms, to protect life. Your life, and the lives of your family. Contact American Tornado Master to schedule a visit. There really is no price on personal safety—But a safe room from American Tornado Master is surprisingly affordable. Contact American Tornado Master this week for answers to tornado safety questions and to determine how and when to obtain an affordable solution for your safety.