Tornadoes do come here in September—How to stay safe

Do you know that tornadoes do occur during every month of the year? And that tornadoes are often spotted in North Texas and in Southern Oklahoma?

Tornado watch v. tornado warning

Are you very clear on the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning? If not, see this—and if so, let's test your tornado terms knowledge here. Don't get caught without your tornado safe room. American Tornado Master has longevity, testing, and credentials.

Yes, tornadoes happen during every month of the year

While the previous link detailed that severe weather typically (that's typically, mind you) occurs during the months of March through October, let's not let our guards down. Because nasty tornado events can and do occur during every month of the year. Recall the December 2015 tornadoes in North Texas? Can't say that they made the holiday season joyful. But you can find a way to seek relief when adverse weather hits—in your safe room from American Tornado Master. Contact American Tornado Master this week (an ideal time between the start of school and the holiday season!) to learn how to protect precious human life. And the lives of your family.