Did you guess what state endures much severe weather?

Let's take a look at climate change and what is said about Texas here. Experts at NOAA and Texas Tech University weigh in on why Texas is so apt to endure such harsh weather conditions.

Climate change is happening

How do you think that climate change could affect you, your safety? (No, it's not just about the polar bears).

Don't be fooled by bad weather frequency reports

Have you read anywhere that there may, could be fewer tornadoes? Well, look again. Closely. Because what really matters when a tornado strikes is where you seek safe shelter. When a tornado strikes, it strikes. And with current reports of tornado unpredictability, you'd better know where to quickly seek your safe shelter.

Where to find your safe room

No, the bathtub is not an ideal spot in which to seek safe shelter. Instead, investigate American Tornado Master for your safe room and experience the confidence of knowing where to seek shelter. Safe shelter.