Yes, 27 tornadoes recently

You've likely heard of the movie, "27 Dresses." Well, there is nothing romantic about 27 tornadoes. See the news recently? What can happen near Des Moines, Iowa can happen in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. These states often see quite a share of tornadoes. And while the vast majority of tornadoes can happen spring-into-summer, tornadoes can (and have) occurred during every month of the year.

What about a safe room for mobile homes?

For mobile homes, either an in-ground American Tornado Master concrete severe weather shelter (many choose this option) or pouring storm shelter slabs for American Tornado Master above-ground steel shelters are the way to go. Don't let the tornado destruction that happened in and around Marshalltown, Iowa compromise your own personal safety in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Find your own window to a world of safety

A tornado in Pella, Iowa sent 7 to the hospital. What about your situation? Find your window of safety when you get into your American Tornado Master safe room in North Texas or Southern Oklahoma.

Dress it up

With American Tornado Master safe rooms/severe weather shelters, you can dress up outdoor units with grass, flowers, and other pleasant ornamental gardening items. But the main point here is to get your safe room in place to go for when severe weather hits. Contact American Tornado Master to learn about your own best options for tornado safety.