Find your tornado safe room

Find your tornado safe room solution here. Right now, there is no need to be puzzled as to where to go when severe weather looms. Let American Tornado Master help with a safe room for you and your family. Severe weather and tornadoes are serious business. 

Solve the puzzle and learn about your safe room options

Puzzled? Below are the answers, followed by the clues, to the tornado crossword puzzle. Try this: link to the Puzzlemaker by Discovery Education site and plug in the information below, along with the preceding answers as instructed. You'll see a cool puzzle form. Yes, you can see it all below. But give the Puzzlemaker a try and see if your friends can fill out the crossword. With Puzzlemaker (Step 4), the first word will be in the puzzle. (If two or more words, use no spaces between them). When finished with the word to be in the puzzle, then make a space and the clue as you'd like for it to read. Can copy-paste from below.

Better to see formation of the puzzle than tornado clouds, to be sure. And psst: if you have friends or kiddos who like puzzles, Puzzlemaker is a fun site to explore this holiday or on any school breaks. 

tornado Violently destructive windstorm with funnel-shaped clouds 

twelve Number of months in which tornadoes may occur
safe Your severe weather shelter should keep you in a room that is this
cold Temperature inside a tornado
fujita Name of scale rating tornado intensity
credentials Basis of confidence in selecting your tornado safe room
concrete Storm shelter material
steel Storm shelter material
garage Often found indoor severe weather shelter place
forty-one Number of years of service by American Tornado Master
installation Connecting your severe weather shelter
americantornadomaster Who to contact for your severe weather shelter, safe room

Enjoy the Puzzlemaker site and seeing if your family or friends can complete the crossword!

4th of July American Tornado Master holiday hours

The American Tornado Master office will be open on Monday and Tuesday, July 2-3 but closed for the holiday Wednesday through Friday, July 4-6, 2018. Today, tomorrow, or next week, contact American Tornado Master to learn more and plan for your severe weather shelter installation.