No sound quite like Texas Tornados, Live

Have you heard the sound of Texas Tornados? Would be nice if that is the only sound of Texas tornadoes, right? Unfortunately, true tornadoes sound like, well, tornadoes and can wreak much property damage, even loss of life. But there is a great solution, one that has been tested at the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute. Further, all of American Tornado Master products have been tested at the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute and are engineered to meet or exceed the FEMA 320/361 and the ICC 500 Building codes.

Know relief when you discover for yourself the benefits of working with American Tornado Master for your severe weather shelter, your safe room. 

Don't let the sunshine fool you. Tornadoes have actually happened during every month of the year—yes, every month of the year in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

So, let's let the band sing their tunes while we can sing for joy in weather safety! Contact American Tornado Master to learn how to stay safe in North Dallas and Southern Oklahoma.