This weekend is the Daylight Saving Time Change—Are You Ready?

Technically, DST is this Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 2 a.m. (For many of us, that means springing our clocks ahead by an hour before going to sleep on Saturday evening). But have you heard of the recent debate about whether or not to "spring ahead, fall behind" an hour each year or not? Hmm. Good question.

Notice this:

Ideas to help kiddos adjust to a time change

Helpful hints:

Find your safe room from a tornado

Be in during the daytime or during the nighttime, you can find your safe room easily when it has been constructed by American Tornado Master. Make a note to contact American Tornado Master soon to learn about your tornado safety options. (And while you're at it, make a note to change your clocks this weekend to spring ahead by an least in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma!)