Halloween is coming—Don't get spooked with a safe room

Do you have a safe room in or near your home to seek shelter when needed, such as during severe weather with a tornado? American Tornado Master has options likely to fit your needs, from above-ground safe rooms to below-ground safe rooms for, you guessed it, your safety!

How to know your safe room is considered to be safe

The first step is to realize the importance of having a safe room. Next, when you investigate where to obtain yours, be certain to consider FEMA safe room guidelines to help ensure your safety. And then, find a truly reputable provider for your safe room. Ah, take a look at the bottom of this website's home page—see the mention of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) here? More specifically (and to show you if you don't have the time to search): "All of American Tornado Master products have been tested at the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute and are engineered to meet or exceed the FEMA 320/361 and the ICC 500 Building codes."

Make safety more than a treat this year

When you hear "trick or treat" at your door next week, just think of what a treat it will be in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma to know that you will have a safe place to seek shelter when the weather turns wicked. Contact American Tornado Master to learn about doable severe weather shelter and financial options to have your safe room ready when it is needed. (And if you have some leftover Halloween treats, bring them along into your safe room!)