Sadly, Hurricane Harvey is soon expected to wreak havoc in Texas. What then is a key way to remain safe during any such storm that may wreak havoc, from hurricanes to tornadoes? (This is not a competition of storms, but rather ideas to remain personally safe).


Tornadoes have wreaked havoc in Texas, especially in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. While we cannot alter the often destructive path of natural disasters, we can do our best to prepare and stay personally safe.

Is this the "Year of the Twister?

According to a recent report by CBS News, tornadoes may be getting more dangerous than hurricanes. Right now, that may be somewhat hard to believe with Hurricane Harvey looming. People have been instructed by Governor Abbott to evacuate. 

What have you done to prepare for a tornado emergency? Many times, little warning can be given prior to a tornado disaster. So do you have a safe tornado shelter in place for protection, a severe weather shelter tested by the Texas Tech National Wind Institute??

Tornadoes can be unpredictable

According to the CBS New article, "While the number and size of hurricanes and tropical storms vary from year to year, it’s pretty well assured that the U.S. will see about a thousand tornadoes annually, with some wreaking real havoc. Meteorologists are unable to pinpoint their likelihood in quite the same way in which they predict hurricanes, although certain weather conditions make them more likely."

The main point here is to stay personally safe. To seek shelter appropriately. With a tornado, it means getting into your severe weather shelter. Let Hurricane Harvey be a reminder to plan now for tornadoes in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma by contacting American Tornado Master for your safe severe weather shelter.