Why tornado warnings are ignored or misunderstood

It happens, and it happens all too often – confusion. And some misunderstandings when you may see blue sky one day, experience summer heat the next, and, before you know it, a tornado can loom large. Do you really understand the difference between a weather warning and watch? Well, to begin, both are potentially serious, so it's important to take heed regarding your surroundings (the weather conditions outside). 

  • Be prepared v.
  • Take action

If it's a tornado warning, do you have a safe, approved storm shelter to take protective action? If not, American Tornado Master has a great plan for you, likely one to fit your budget.

Five common tornado myths

Did you or any family members watch MythBusters during the summer break? That show had many interesting tidbits, don't you think? Well, how about "Live Science" with a news-you-can-use report of five common tornado myths. Take a look, learn, and stay safe with your severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master. (You'll get an A+ grade for safety!)