Fears, worries, and concerns abound. What is (are) yours?

From technology hackers to reptiles to tornadoes to lots of other topics, 1,511 American adults aged 18 and over were surveyed and responded, forming the annual Chapman University Survey on American Fears. It's likely you may find one or more fear that you dread, too.

If interested in the fears survey FAQ, look here. According to Mary Bowerman at USA Today, people often fear what they cannot control. In thinking about that, it makes sense. The feeling of helplessness is not a good feeling.

Helping to get control over the fear of natural disasters

In North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, tornadoes can be a common occurrence. One way to get some control is to find a truly safe spot during a tornado. A safe spot such as in your severe weather shelter constructed by American Tornado Master. It's time to breathe easily again.

Calm your tornado fear here

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