Some great reasons to install an American Tornado Master severe weather shelter

  • Your safety
  • Your family's safety
  • For a safe place at a moment's notice
  • To survive a tornado
  • Reduce fear with a truly safe spot
  • Improve your property value
  • Your reason: ________

American Tornado Master has served the DFW Metroplex, including North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, since 1977. Hint: there is a reason for such longevity of 40 years. Well, more than one, actually – quality, trusted products; products tested at the Texas Tech National Wind Institute for safety; a valued solution to the unpredictable weather here; quality people who care... and the list goes on.

Remember the sound of sirens?

Many in the DFW Metroplex were awakened in the middle of the night recently from the bone-chilling sound of sirens. Turns out it was a major computer hacking glitch that even made the national news. But what if a real tornado occurs in the middle of the night (it happens), you are awakened for real, and you have nowhere to go? (It's not a good feeling). With a severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master, you will have that safe spot available, and at a moment's notice. Stay safe. Contact American Tornado Master this week to learn more.