3 recent DFW tornadoes confirmed

How many tornadoes, how many close calls, how many scary reports of damage, will it take to arrange severe weather safety with a storm shelter from American Tornado Master? Three tornadoes? Two? One? Well, even if "only" one, it could very well be the tornado that strikes your home, your residence, your safety and long-term sense of security. Reports of recent tornadoes includred in Keller and Louisville. Why chance it? Weather reports often come very close to predicting, but they are powerless when it comes to stopping a tornado. 

Since we can't stop a tornado, we CAN do the next best thing—provide safe, life-saving shelter. 

Texas Senate honors Collin County Sheriff's Office for swift tornado bravery

Grateful for officers who acted swiftly to save lives amidst a tornado. (They certainly deserved honors for their heroic actions). Read that article, and notice that they also inspired three to enter a tornado shelter for safety. You can honor your family by installing a safe, proven severe weather shelter, so you all have a truly safe spot to seek shelter.

Severe weather looms often this spring – How to manage safety

Don't let the sun shining fool you. In the DFW Metroplex and Southern Oklahoma, severe weather can blow in and out quickly, even blow off portions of your home. Rockwall, Texas homes were destroyed by weather last week.

Learn about straight-line winds

So, if severe weather threatens and has the potential to destroy your home, is there a difference between a tornado and straight-line winds? Well, "perspective" is likely a good answer (as in, it may depend upon the damage—and both can wreak severe damage). Yes, damaging winds can—wreak damage!

 The main difference between the two is the way in which the winds wreak havoc, either in one direction (straight-line winds, as the name implies), or scattered, from the swirling motion of a tornado. Know that both can produce severe damage. And both benefit from your taking shelter inside a safe, tested severe weather shelter.


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