Spring storms are coming (they always do and can cause damage)

Do you remember the March 2016 tornadoes in Keller, Texas? If you know the DFW storm history, you likely know that staying safe is critical – and American Tornado Master has a tested, proven plan for your safety.

It's coming, it's not, it's coming...

Doesn't weather sometimes seem like that old, "Loves me, loves me not" daisy? Except that with tornadoes, this is not a game. Though weather predictions can be very insightful and often accurate, whether or not a tornado actually hits your home can feel like, "maybe it will, maybe it won't." 

So then, why risk your life? Isn't it better to be able to emerge from a severe weather event safe and able to smell the daisies?

DFW weather reports warn

Have you heard the forecasts for potentially severe weather in the DFW Metroplex tomorrow, March 24, 2017? Weather reports seem to change daily. First it looked worse; now it's better. But really, many times the results cannot be pinpointed exactly – Originally, severe weather was predicted for most of DFW and for most of Friday. Now, we're talking a weather event on early Friday morning. And who knows what April weather will bring our way?

What you can do to stay safe during severe weather

BE PREPARED. Preparation is the key to many aspects in life, including for a severe weather event. Stay personally safe with a severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master. From above- or below-ground, concrete or steel, American Tornado master has a severe weather solution for your safety – call this week!