Stormy weather typically arrives in the spring

With spring storms soon approaching, why leave your safety to chance? Do you remember the 17 tornadoes locally in DFW in April 2012? The severe damage wreaked by a tornado does not even compare to loss of life. Although tornadoes can and do occur every month of the year, there's just something about sprinng that triggers the memory of storms, don't you think? Fresh, spring air. Flowers budding and blooming. And, unfortunately, the threat and reality of severe weather in spring.

But you have an opportunity to stay safe... with a severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master.

Weekend time change

Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday, March 12 at 2 a.m. to help us capture an extra hour of daylight. Remember the saying, "Spring ahead, fall behind." So losing an hour of sleep will be offset by more daylight!

More ways to soar near Fort Worth

Why soar dangerously because of a tornado? Are you aware of the International Collegiate SAE Aero Design West competition coming now/this weekend southeast of Fort Worth? Teams will arrive from Canada, China, India, Mexico, Poland, and many from the United States, including Texas A&M. See remote-controlled airplanes soar outside, and then return home in the Fort Worth Metroplex to indoor air comfort. Everyone has a story, including SAE. What's yours? (Let's hope it is one of safety during a storm). To stay protected, contact American Tornado Master.