Heard about the new S-Band Radar?

With the new, advanced S-Band Radar more precisely predicting severe weather, you will be able to know when severe weather, including tornadoes, will be near. The S-Band Radar alerts. But then what?

The most precise warning will be of great value. But really, only if you have a plan in place to protect your life and the lives of your family and others will S-Band radar have the most value. The good news is that we have a solid plan for your safety.

First, the S-Band Radar, then the tornado warning – and this place to take safe shelter!

Where? No, not in the bathtub. (Very scary if a tornado takes your house apart). When you hear, "Get into your tornado shelter," know that you should have one! For safety, get into your severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master. Shelters from American Tornado Master have been tested at the Texas Tech National Wind Institute for safety. Try a consultation to determine the best location for your needs on your own property.

4 confirmed tornadoes recently

So, will the storms produce only rain – and also tornadoes? Very recently, four tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service. What about tonight? We hope to not have severe weather, but in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, severe weather has come, and all too often. So let the S-Band Radar warn, and then have your truly safe spot – in your severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master – call this week to schedule and prepare for safety.