What happens after the severe weather?

You've likely heard about the December 2015 tornado damage in the North Texas towns of Rowlett and Garland. After the storms, it's time to rebuild; stories of six months after the tornadoes find homeowners still with building challenges. But how do you rebuild if you aren't here anymore? It's time to think of ultimate perspective. Now is the time to get your severe weather shelter built and installed, a severe weather shelter capable of saving human life. Tornadoes will wreak their damage. So just make sure that your shelter is from reputable American Tornado Master, here since 1977 to keep your family safe.

What is your work that is still to be done?

Rebuilding a home after a tornado can be emotionally and physically tiring. But it's still rebuilding – it's not the same as dealing with loss of life. What is your challenge? Is it:

  • Rebuilding after tornado damage in North Texas or Southern Oklahoma?
  • Calling American Tornado Master for your severe weather shelter for personal safety?

You can't rebuild a lost human life. Schedule your severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master this week and know that when you hear or see 4th of July fireworks, you're scheduling to save your life from the really big explosion – a tornado.

4th of July holiday hours

The American Tornado Master office will be closed on Monday, July 4 and during the upcoming 4th of July weekend. But beginning on Tuesday, July 5, American Tornado Master will resume regular days and hours to protect you and your family from the debris that can fly from severe weather winds and tornadoes. Get prepared now, and be ready.