Everything is bigger in Texas (and Oklahoma)!

You know that saying. It applies to smiles, land... but also to severe weather, from flooding to thunderstorms to tornadoes. Many tornadoes happen in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma (look at the US map of our states).

When tornadoes hit, where will you stay safe?

Severe weather reports in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma are often seen. Too often. How will you stay safe when tornadoes threaten? Remember the December, 2016 surprise Dallas-area tornado?

Know what they're dealing with now? Weather-related headlines now in Rowlett, Texas make a big splash. (Nasty, but the potential for loss of life is even more severe). Dive in now to learn more about and then schedue your severe weather shelter so it is ready whenever severe weather hits. And then, you can make an even safer entry with safe shelter in your severe weather storm shelter. When should you have it built and installed and ready for you? Now is always the best time – be prepared now. Contact American Tornado Master this week to learn more and schedule.