What are your fears?

Do you know where tornadoes rank among a list of all fears noted by the Chapman University Survey of American Fears? In their fall, 2015 annual report, the percent of Americans who reported being afraid or very afraid of tornadoes was 31.4% (that's a lot!) Know how to lower that fear percentage in your own life.

Weather threats the remainder of May 2016

Just look out your window today. Severe weather is almost upon us. Pay attention to severe weather forecasts; listen for sirens; take cover – determine your best place to take cover. Hint: it's inside your reputable and Texas Tech-tested severe weather storm shelter. Enter before a storm. Exit with your life.

How to greatly reduce your fear of tornadoes

Tornadoes are scary, period. But you CAN reduce your fear of tornadoes by having your reputable, solid severe weather shelter constructed – and getting inside when a tornado is nearby! Contact American Tornado Master to construct your true severe weather safety plan.