What is the best time to buy and have your severe weather shelter built and installed?

Drum roll, please... do you know? Actually, the best time to install you severe weather shelter in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma is before you are hit by a tornado! In North Texas, we are hit 12 months of the year by severe weather. That's year-round that you can take advantage of your severe weather shelter, day or night, and also year-round that American Tornado Master builds severe weather shelters.

Always best to be prepared for when severe weather hits

July-December are the ideal months in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Why? Because weather conditions are more predictable and conditions are typically not as wet or wintry. But any time of year is very doable; right now is a great time to plan and obtain! 

American Tornado Master will work with you and with your timing. Don’t be deceived by the sunny skies – contact American Tornado Master now in this time cushion before school is out and summer vacations begin. And, avoid long waiting lists that typically occur after a nasty weather event. Get the strongest shelter on the market that will be built for you or you and your family.

Ways to save money on your severe weather shelter

Have you considered these money-saving severe weather shelter ideas?

It's time for action – and not a bad reaction!