Let today's storms remind you to prepare now

More reports of severe weather are on the way. Today's severe weather may include thunderstorms and hail, but also tornadoes. Where will you go to stay safe? Tornadoes often create massive destruction – don't let tornadoes destroy human life. Stay safe inside your severe weather shelter from American Tornado Master. We're here for you, and we've been here with solid, tested, and proven severe weather shelter experience for nearly 40 years

Recent tornadoes in Keller, Texas 

Tornadoes can (and do) happen at any time – day or night – and especially in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Familiar with the March, 2016 Keller and Haslet, Texas tornadoes? Also know that the "zero" in an EF-0 tornado does not mean nothing! (It can mean damage). See:


Keller tornado.



Scary? Yes! (And tornadoes are especially scary in the dark). Protect life and contact American Tornado Master today and develop your severe weather shelter plan to stay safe. It's more than peace of mind. It's about your safety, your family's safety.