April showers, May flowers, and spring tornadoes

Although tornadoes can and do occur during every month of the year (think back recently to December 2015 and the deadly Garland, TX and Rowlett, TX tornadoes), spring is historically the time we expect tornadoes from unstable weather systems.

Know this about tornado season

Do you know when tornadoes are likely to occur? Test your tornado knowledge with 50 quick facts about tornadoes, some that may be very surprising:
  • Learn in what states tornadoes occur;
  • Determine if we should call actually call this "tornado season" or really "open season," and why;
  • Discover the most active tornado month on record;
  • Find surprising information about the measurement of winds inside the eye of a tornado;
  • Know the highest wind speed inside a tornado;
  • Learn about the deadliest and costliest tornadoes;
  • And many more tornado tidbits that may surprise you.

Be tornado-prepared for April and May

From the list of 50 tornado facts, you'll easily know why April and May are considered tornado season months. Although, tornadoes can and do occur during every month of the year. But with March and spring right around the corner, now is an optimal time to contact American Tornado Master for more information and/or a quote on a severe weather shelter that fits your needs.

Wondering how American Tornado Master installs their shelters?

Stay tuned to this American Tornado Master blog to soon discover what it looks like to install a severe weather shelter – both a below-ground shelter and an above-ground shelter. You'll see videos.

What is spinning in your mind right now?

Are you mostly thinking of the weekend plans at the moment? Then, right now just jot yourself a note on your calendar or device to call American Tornado Master next week – and truly be prepared for spring.