Have you seen a severe weather shelter installation?

Here is your opportunity to see a tornado shelter installation firsthand! Either below-ground or above, American Tornado Master has a severe weather shelter to fit your property and lifestyle to keep you safe during severe weather, including tornadoes. Watch both below-ground and above-ground tornado shelter installations from American Tornado Master, compliments of the clients who took the videos.

Watch the installation of two American Tornado Master severe weather shelters:

  • Below-ground concrete storm shelter:
  • Homeowner Marcy L. of Greenville, Texas in her video shows how a below-ground concrete severe weather shelter was installed on her property by American Tornado Master in February 2016. Notice the care with which the installation is handled. 

    According to Marcy, "American Tornado Master has professional employees. They definitely know what they are doing. I hope we never have to use it, but I wouldn't put odds on it here in North Central Texas. After standing in my front yard and snapping photos of a tornado just west of me traveling south to north toward Greenville and the devastating tornado outbreak in Garland, Rowlett and Coupeville just about 40 miles west of us all in the same day (December 26, 2016), I was convinced we needed a shelter. I did my research and decided to go with American Tornado Master. Check them out, and tell them Tim and Marcy L. sent you."

Indeed, recent tornadoes were anything but cool in Stephenville, Cool, Tolar, and Millsap. You have proven safety options. View both tornado shelter videos.

  • Above-ground steel storm shelter inside a garage:
  • Just 40 minutes of beginning-to-end of delivery and installation of our above-ground American Tornado Master shelter on Saturday, June 20, 2015 – Wayne G. of New Fairview, Texas in his video shows the installation of an American Tornado Master above-ground tornado shelter. According to this homeowner, the video shows the process that led to his peace of mind to obtain a safe spot when severe weather hits. 

    Wayne expressed some confusion over why anyone would even consider building a swimming pool or buying a boat before installing a severe weather shelter. He said, "You can't swim in your pool if you're not around. Providing safety for your family is about like having an arm or a leg if you live in tornado alley – go get your tornado shelter before you get that pool or boat." 

Spring is a great time to prepare for severe weather with your safe shelter

Although severe weather and tornadoes occur during every month of the year, NOW is a great time to contact American Tornado Master and plan for your (and your family's) safety – before the traditional spring storms arrive. Do you know that, on average, more than 1,200 tornadoes occur annually in the U.S. Spring into action now.

Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore!

Do you know that tornado alley really is synonymous with Texas having the most tornadoes of any U.S. state? That's a very good reason to call American Tornado Master now and schedule installation of your severe weather storm shelter.