What can be worse than a tornado you can see during the daytime?

Likely a tornado that spins havoc at night, even waking you from sleep. But actually, it's the tornado sirens that may stir you out of a solid slumber – and fortunately with enough time to enter your severe weather shelter. Sadly, the latest tornado fatality count in Texas has risen from an EF-4 tornado.

Did you see the December 2015 tornadoes on the news in the northeast Dallas suburbs of Rowlett and Garland? Tornado photos can show the tornado lit up, but often we cannot see tornadoes at night unless a tornado is illuminated by lightning or downed electrical lines. We truly mourn the devastation and, in particular, the precious loss of life wreaked by that tornado – and by many tornadoes, far too many.

How can we stay safe during severe weather?

Get into your severe weather storm shelter – the approved, accredited shelter that has been tested by the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute. For details, call American Tornado Master now.