An earlier movie entitled, "While you were sleeping" that featured Sandra Bullock is also a fitting name for the severe weather and tornadoes that hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area while many were sleeping in the very early hours on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Only real life was often scary, especially when awakening to very loud warning sirens.

While we did have some prior notice that the severe weather would likely hit overnight, it was still a sort of shock to be awakened in that manner. And then rather scary, especially when TV satellite coverage went blank. What to do, especially with so little notice of an exact time to seek shelter? With a severe weather shelter, the scare, the uncertainty, can turn into relief and safety.

Get your trusted, accredited severe weather shelter from Tornado Master.

Thanksgiving hours

American Tornado Master will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday, November 26-27 and then resume regular business hours on Monday, November 30. Do you know that American Tornado Master builds all year, except for the last two weeks in December? They do, so contact American Tornado Master now to learn more.