Where is typical tornado territory?

Hint: think, flat, dry terrain. So we here in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma are in tornado territory. And while most tornadoes typically occur in the spring (that also means that right now is a great time to prepare by constructing your tornado shelter), tornadoes actually occur every month of the year. Yes, every month of the year.

Why are some tornadoes pencil-thin, while others are so wide?

Good question: here is what is known about tornadoes

What we DO know about tornadoes

According to one source, Dallas County in Texas and Oklahoma County in Oklahoma ranked high in tornado activity in April and May in their regions (22 and 48, respectively). A proven way to stay safe during severe weather, including a tornado, is to be in your safe severe weather shelter. And by safe, we mean an approved tornado shelter, one that has withstood the tests of time. And testing by the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute!

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