Have you experienced straight-line winds in 2014 or in 2015? Even know what they are?

According to NOAA, strong thunderstorm winds, damaging winds, can be classified as straight-line winds, often with wind speeds reaching up to 100 mph, and can cause severe damage. The question in Dallas and in Plano, Texas in the middle of the night on Sunday was really not ultimately so much about tornado v. straight-line wind damage as it was about human safety.

Severe winds may be straight or can rotate into a tornado

Severe winds are severe winds when they are damaging, with or without rotation. Why risk safety? Predictions and warnings can warn. But to stay safe, we all need a truly safe place, a safe severe weather shelter. 

When a brick fence tower was pushed over and crumbled, metal patio furniture was destroyed, and garbage cans flew from the back alley to the front of the house in the middle of the night last Sunday in Plano, Texas, what do you think was foremost in mind, tornado v. straight-line winds? ...Safety, of course!

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