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American Tornado Master's Articles

Where Is the Weather Disaster Capital of the United States?

When you know the location of the weather disaster capital of the United States, seeking safe shelter here makes great sense:

27 Tornadoes!

27 Tornadoes Nearby: How to Stay Safe:

Answers to the Tornado Crossword Puzzle!

Answers to the tornado safe room crossword puzzle:

No Need to be Puzzled by a Tornado Approaching. Still, Try This Crossword!

Don't be puzzled when a tornado looms. Find your severe weather shelter safe room here. (And makings for a fun crossword):

How to Get Your Safe Room

Be prepared for a severe weather event with your safe room from American Tornado Master:

Know the Sound of Texas Tornados?

Don't let the sound of a tornado scare you. Find your safe room here:

First Known Tornado—When, and Where?

Earliest recorded tornado photo. Where is your tornado outlook now?

Cold Today. Know the Temp Inside a Tornado?

What are the temps and air like inside a tornado? Hint...what is today's temperature:

It's Safety Tour Time!

Take a tour for your safety:

'Tis The Season...For Tornado Safety!

Discover the main months for tornado safety:


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